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LCD Screen Backlight ( CCFL Lamp only):

These are our newest generation of CCFL; they don't just produce a higher brightness and contrast, but they are also made by precise precision color matches. After the backlight replacement, the image should look brighter and clearer.
Note: Replacing with a poor quality CCFL may cause a greenish, bluish or reddish hue after the backlight lamp replacement.

Our CCFL Lamp advantage:
High Brightness and Contrast.
Longer Lifetime (Over 50,000 hours).
Low Power Consumption.
Low Heat Generation.
High Color Rendering (Triband Phosphors Applied).
Precision Color matched.

Looking for CCFL backlight for Name Brand Laptop Screen? Please visit CCFL Laptop Page

Want to upgrade to an LED backlight? Please click here
Cross Reference By Length
Part NumberBADescriptionPriceDetail
MS201252125CCFL Backlight for 4.8 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS201322132CCFL Backlight for 4.8 to 5.2 inch LCD Screen and for 8.4" Vertical mount*$9.99Detail
MS301323132CCFL Backlight for 4.8 to 6.5 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS261442.6144CCFL Backlight for 6.4 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS201502150CCFL Backlight for 6.4 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS301573157CCFL Backlight for 5.7 to 6.4 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS201622162CCFL Backlight for 6.4 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS201702170CCFL Backlight for 6.8inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS201842184CCFL Backlight for 8.4 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS261852.6185CCFL Backlight for 8.4 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS201952195CCFL backlight for 10.4" LCD Screen $9.99Detail
MS24196L2.4196L Shape CCFL for 5.0" PA050DS7 Screen. 2.4mm Diameter, 112mm X 84mm$11.99Detail
MS202052205CCFL backlight for 10.4" Screen (Newer version) and 13.3" Vertical mount*$9.99Detail
MS302113211CCFL Backlight for 6.5 to 8.4 inch LCD Screen $9.99Detail
MS202142214CCFL Backlight for 10.4 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS302143214CCFL Backlight for 8.4 inch LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS26215L2.6215L Shape CCFL for 5.6” for Screen. 2.4mm Diameter, 120mm X 95mm$11.99Detail
MS202202220CCFL backlight for 10.4" LCD Screen (for newer version Screen)*$9.99Detail
MS302203220CCFL Backlight for 10.4 inch older version of LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS262302.6230CCFL backlight for 10.4" LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS202422242CCFL Backlight for 10.6" WXGA Laptop Screen$9.99Detail
MS262452.6245CCFL backlight for 11.3" LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS202502250CCFL backlight for 12.1 inch XGA/SXGA Laptop/NoteBooks Screen$9.99Detail
MS20253L2253L shape CCFL for 7.0" LCD Screen. 2.0mm Diameter, 160mm X 93mm$11.99Detail
MS202552255CCFL backlight for 12.1" XGA/SXGA LCD Screen.$9.99Detail
MS242552.4255CCFL backlight for 12.1" LCD Screen.$9.99Detail
MS202602260CCFL backlight for 12.1" XGA/SXGA LCD Screen.$9.99Detail
MS202652265CCFL Backlight for 12.1" Wide Screen (WXGA)$9.99Detail
MS202702270CCFL Backlight for 13.3" Laptop/NoteBook Screen, Horizontal Mounted$9.99Detail
MS202752275CCFL Backlight for 13.3" Laptop/NoteBook Screen, Horizontal Mounted$9.99Detail
MS202902290CCFL backlight for 14.1" XGA/SXGA Laptop Screen.$9.99Detail
MS202922292CCFL Backlight for 13.3" WXGA Laptop Screen$9.99Detail
MS203002300CCFL backlight for 15" XGA/SXGA Laptop/Descktop Screen$9.99Detail
MS203052305CCFL backlight for 15" XGA/SXGA Laptop/Notebook Screen$9.99Detail
MS203082308CCFL backlight for 15" XGA/SXGA Laptop Screen$9.99Detail
MS203102310CCFL Replacement Backlight for 14.0-14.1" WXGA/WSXGA+ Laptop Screen$9.99Detail
MS243142.4314CCFL Replacement Backlight Lamp for 15" LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS263162.6316CCFL Replacement Backlight Lamp for 15.1" LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS263202.6320CCFL Replacement Backlight Lamp for 15.1" LCD Screen$9.99Detail
MS203242324CCFL backlight for 15.2" Laptop/Notebook Screen$11.99Detail
MS203342334CCFL backlight for 16.1 inch Laptop Screen$11.99Detail
MS203362336CCFL Replacement Backlight for 15.4" WXGA/WSXGA/WUXGA Laptop Screen$11.99Detail
MS263362.6336CCFL backlight for 15.1" LCD Screen$10.99Detail
MS223452.2345CCFL Replacement Backlight Lamp for 17" LCD Screen$11.99Detail
MS263452.6345CCFL Replacement Backlight Lamp for 17" LCD Screen$11.99Detail
MS263502.6350CCFL backlight for 17.1" LCD Monitor/LCD TV Screen$11.99Detail
MS203532353CCFL Backlight for 15.5"-15.6" WXGA Laptop Screen$13.99Detail
MS263552.6355CCFL backlight for 17.1" LCD Monitor/LCD TV Screen$11.99Detail
MS203582358CCFL Backlight for 16" WXGA Laptop Screen$13.99Detail
MS263612.6361CCFL backlight for 17.4" LCD Monitor/LCD TV Screen$11.99Detail
MS203652365CCFL for 16.4" Laptop/Notebook WXGA Wide screen$14.99Detail
MS203702370CCFL for 17" Laptop/Notebook WXGA Wide screen$14.99Detail
MS263702.6370CCFL backlight for 18.1" LCD Monitor Screen$11.99Detail
MS203752375CCFL for 17.1" Laptop/Notebook WXGA Wide screen$14.99Detail
MS263852.6385CCFL Backlight for 19 inch LCD Screen$12.99Detail
MS263902.6390CCFL backlight for 17" WXGA, 18.1-19" LCD Monitor/LCD TV Screen$12.99Detail
MS264132.6413CCFL backlight for 20.1" LCD Screen$12.99Detail
MS264172.6417CCFL backlight for 19" WXGA LCD Screen$12.99Detail
MS264202.6420CCFL Backlight for 20” inch LCD TV Screen$12.99Detail
MS264302.6430CCFL backlight for 20-20.1" LCD Monitor/LCD TV Screen$13.99Detail
MS264502.6450CCFL backlight for 20" WXGA Apple Cinemas, 21-21.3" LCD Monitor/LCD TV Screen$14.99Detail
MS264502.6450CCFL Backlight Kit ( 3 Lamps) for Apple 20" Display (Model: A1038)$44.97Detail
MS264602.6460CCFL backlight for 21" WXGA Screen$14.99Detail
MS264802.6480CCFL Replacement Backlight Lamp for 22” LCD Screen (Wide Screen)$14.99Detail
MS244852.4485CCFL Replacement Backlight Lamp for 21.5” LCD Screen (Wide Screen)$14.99Detail
MS305003500CCFL For 22" WXGA Wide Screen LCD Monitor/LCD TV, Apple Cinemas$19.99Detail
MS405084508CCFL backlight for 23" WXGA Screen$19.99Detail
MS305103510CCFL backlight for 23" WXGA Screen$19.99Detail
MS305203520CCFL backlight for 23" WXGA LCD Monitor/LCD TV, Apple 23" Cinemas Display$19.99Detail
MS24529L2.4529L Shape CCFL for 15" Sharp LQ150X1LGN2 Panel$14.99Detail
MS245502.4550CCFL backlight for 25" LCD Monitor/LCD TV Screen$17.99Detail
MS245652.4565CCFL Backlight for 25" LCD Screen$17.99Detail
MS306553650CCFL Backlight for 30 Inch LCD TV$19.99Detail

Are you looking for a CCFL backlight for Name Brand Laptop Screen? Please visit the CCFL Laptop Page.
We also carry other types of CCFL, for more information, please visit the Other Types of CCFL page.

Laptop/Notebook Screen Repair Kit(REPAIRKIT2):
This kit comes with 6 inches of aluminum foil conductive tape, 12 inches of Hi Temp reflective thermal insulting Tape, two silicon end caps, two heat shrinking tubes, and 6 inches of wire solder.
This is a MUST have kit if you are replacing a lamp on the Laptop/Notebook screen. This aluminum foil condctive tape is used to meet a variety of EMI/RFI shielding applications.
Need help with installation?
Please visit our Techsupport Page

Want to upgrade to an LED backlight? Please click here

Testing 4 wires, 5 wires and 8 wires resistive touch screens
LCD screen tester (for testing eDP/embedded Display Port interface). With its built-in Color bar generator, it can test resolution from 1280X800 to 3840X2160.
Testing LED Strip without Disassembly. IT03 can test all LED strips from a smaller industrial screen and up to 70 inch TV screen.
Sunlight Readable LCD
Simply swap out your defective LCD screen, you now have a sunlight readable Monitor.

UB Series LED Kit
UB series are the direct replacement for Industrial LCD screens that were originally equipped with 1, 2, 4 and 6 CCFL backlight lamps.
SB Sereis LED Kit
These super bright LED upgrade kits are designed for LCD screens that original equipped with its manufacturer’s LED strip
Touch Screen Inverter
These are brand new substitute backlight inverter module for Point-of-Sale screen, ATM and other type of touch screen.
LCD Controller
These LCD Controller kits are designed to be easily integrated into the LCD screens that they are commonly used in kiosks, POS, avionics, Vending machine, Digital Signage and all other applications.
LCD Screen
Huge selections of industrial LCD screens

Open Frame Display
Direct Drop in Replacement LCD display
Touch Screen
Resistive and capacitive touch screens
These LCD kits included LCD controller, LED screen, Push button key and screen wire harness.
LVDS Splitter
One LCD controller can driver two LCD screens and both LCD screens will display the same exact contents
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