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New CCFL Backlight Lamp with pre-installed Wire Harness - NO Soldering require

Defective CCFL backlight may has the following symptom:
  • Screen flashes on red/pink and goes off.
  • Picture stays on in red and slowly be come normal.
  • Picture flickering with dim display.
  • Picture flickering on and off.
 All these symptoms indicate that the LCD backlight lamp (CCFL Lamp)
has reached the end of the life and all you need to do is replacing the CCFL lamp.
Troubleshooting Tips - Before you dis-assembly Laptop Screen

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DescriptionThis is our newest generation of CCFL that comes with pre-installed wire harness; it doesn't just produce a higher brightness and contrast, it is also made by precise precision color match. After the backlight replacement, the image should look brighter and clearer. Note: Replacing with a poor quality CCFL may cause a greenish, bluish or reddish hue after the backlight lamp replacement.
Strike Voltage1180
Working Voltage760

We Recommend: RepairKit1:for Laptop Screen Repair
This repair kit comes with 6” of Conductive Aluminum Foil and 12” of Hi Temp Tape. This repair kit ($5.0) is a MUST have kit if you are replacing CCFL Lamps on your Laptop/ Notebook Screen. This aluminum foil conductive tape is used to meet a variety of EMI/RFI shielding applications.

Troubleshooting Tips - Before you dis-assembly Laptop Screen

We do offer CCFL Backlight Replacement service. Please click here for more details.

This CCFL Backlight lamp had been confirmed by our technicians which is compatible with
the following brand, models and specify screen size:
BrandModelSizePart Number
CompaqPresario C300 CTO15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C300EA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C300EU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C301NR15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C301TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C302NR15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C302TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C303NR15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C303TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C304NR15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C304TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C305LA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C305TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C306TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C306US15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C307NR15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C307TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C308LA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C308TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C309TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C310EA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C310EU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C310TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C311TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C312TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C313TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C315LA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C318LA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C350EA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C350EU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C351EA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C352EA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C353EA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C399XX15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C500 CTO15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C500EA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C500EU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C500T CTO15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C501NR15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C501TU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C502CA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C502EA15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH
CompaqPresario C502EU15.4MSLHPCOMPAQ154W-CWH

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Can't find your Model Listed? Please double check your Laptop screen size by measure it diagonally
and follow our simply procedure to locate a CCFL backlight Lamp click here.

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