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IT03 - Testing LED Strip without Disassembly

IT03, LED Backlight strip tester. With our proprietary design, IT03 can test all LED strips from a smaller industrial screen and up to 70 inch TV screen. One sizes fit all! Easy to use!
Price: $79.99

How to test LED Strip
Turn on power switch and wait until meter on IT03 display reach at 320V (it takes about 20 second).
Connect Red Probe to Anode and Black Probe to Cathode, LED strip will gradually become brighter and brighter and also voltage meter will change, too. Then brightness stops changing. This action confirms that LED string is working correctly. Repeat the same procedure to test next LED string.
However, if you are not sure which pins are for anode and cathode: Connect Red probe to pin 1( or any pin), then connect Black probe to one at the time until that LED strip lights up and voltage meter also change reading, then you have found correct string. If LED strip is not light up and voltage meter will stay on 320V, then you reverse Red probe with Black probe and try it again. Please refer to our youtube video for more details.
How many LED per String
Connect Red Probe to Anode and Black Probe to Cathode and wait until LED brightness level stable. Obtain the reading from IT03, and then divide it by 2.6 For an example: Reading on meter is 15.70V
Then 15.7/2.6=6.038
Then there are 6 LEDs per String (Or Per channel)
Do not touch or short 2 test probe (Red and Black) for more then 10 seconds

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