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MS121R43LEDX2ADJ - 1600 nits

This 12.1" Embedded open frame LCD monitor is designed to be easily adjusting brightness level between daylight and night time environment. It is so bright that the contents on display visible under strong sunlight. The contents on display also visible by adjusting brightness level on much darker environment, such as night time.
Price: $499.99
With a precision multiturn wirewoud potentiometer, you can adjust the brightness all the way from sunlight readable to a complete dim. The lock feature on adjustment knob allows you to lock it on any brightness level. It is easy to connect, just screw on the Avionic connector and mount the potentiometer at the place you prefer. Note: The length of wire is about 10” long
LCD panel: 12.1 inch
Resolution: 800X600
Up resolution: 1920×1200
Ratio Aspect: 4:3
Brightness: 1600 cd/㎡(LED Backlight)
Contrast: 1200:1
Viewing angle: 70°/70°, 60°/70° (L/R,U/D)
Input Voltage Range : DC12V- 24V ±5%
Signal input: VGA
Work temperature: -20~60℃
Store temperature: -30~70℃
Active Area(mm): 246.0 X 184.5
Outer Dimension (mm):
Bolt hole dimension:
294mm/11.557" (L to R) X 222mm/8.92" (Top to Bottom)
Price: $499.99


MS104R43NECLEDX1 is a direct replacement for 10.4" NEC Indistrial LCD screen more detail

UB Series LED Backlight
UB series are the direct replacement for Industrial LCD screens that were originally equipped with 2, 4 and 6 CCFL backlight lamps.
XB Sereis LED Backlight
XB Series is designed for smaller industrial LCD panels where space is limited by its original CCFL backlight assembly. In other word, UB series LED strip cannot be mounting on these panels.
Touch Screen Inverter
These are brand new substitute backlight inverter module for Point-of-Sale screen, ATM and other type of touch screen.
LCD Controller
These LCD Controller kits are designed to be easily integrated into the LCD screens that they are commonly used in kiosks, POS, avionics, Vending machine, Digital Signage and all other applications.
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