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MS533VGA - Convert old CRT to LCD Display

Convert your old CRT display to LCD display. MS533VGA convertor supports from MDA, RGB(Sync on Green), RGBS(Composite Sync), CGA and EGA resolution. It automatically detects input frequency(Multi Sync) and lock in between 12 kHz to 40 kHz range (Horizontal). Output resolution is 800*600/60Hz standard VGA or custom-resolution
Price: $299.99
Support Input Signals format: MDA、RGB, RGBS, RGBHV CGA、EGA、YPbPr
Support Intreface: 3pin、6pin、9 pin, 14pin、20pin、25pin
Horizontal Frequency: (H) 12kHz to 40kHz automatically lock in
Output Supports: 15pin VGA,Resolution: 800*600/60HZ or custom-resolution
InPut Connector: D-Sub 15 Pin standard VGA port
Power: DC 12V 1.0A

* Support Interlaced Scanning and Line by Line Scanning.
* Support Vertical Resolution from line200 to line 600 automatically recognized.

Input interface pin assignments
Input 1
Input 2
Pin# Description Remark
V Vertical Sync Channel 1
H/CS Horizontal Sync/Sync on Green
R/Pr Red Signal/Pr
G/Y Green Signal/YPBPR Y signal
B/Pb Blue Signal/YPBPR-Pb
RUN Power indicate light  
VIDEO in 9 pin connector Channel 2
VGA out SUB-15P VGA connector VGA OutPut
MENU On Screen display Menu  
DC12 PowerInput/12V DC @1A  
Note: You can choose either channel 2 or channel 1 as input interface.
Definition of Input connectors
Channel 2 - DB9
Pin Description
P1 Ground
P2 Ground
P3 Red signal
P4 Green Signal
P5 Blue Signal
P6 No Connection
P7 No Connection
P8 Horizontal Sync
P9 Vertical Sync
Channel 2 - BNC
BNC Description Connection Image
Pb, Y, Pr Y - Monochrome
R, G, B G - Monochrome
R, G, B, S G - Monochrome
R, G, B, H, V G - Monochrome
Operation Menu
Button Description
MENU Press it once to for OSD Menu. Press it again to exit Menu
+ Press it once to move left to right
- Press it once to move right to left
* 1 12V DC, 1A Power Adapter
* 1 DB9 cable
* 1 DB9 Male connector
* 1 DB9 Female connector
DB9 Cable color code
Name Wire Color Description
A Silver Metal Shield
B Black Ground
C Wite Vertical Sync
D Orange Horizontal Sync
E Blue Blue (B)
F Green Green (G)
G Red Red (R)
H Brown No Connection
Configuration the setting and Troubleshooting
Step 1: access signals, if not display or display color is not correct, adjust the video source type items, adjusted to the input video signal with the same type, color, only the normal display. (Available options are: YUV color, RGB (D) digital TTL signals, RGB (A) mode may signal)

Step 2: The system can automatically identify the signal. If you adjust the first step, the image color display is no need to manually adjust the normal; if there distortions in the image, you need to manually adjust the synchronization signal and the signal source to adjust to the same types of synchronization, you can normally display.

Step 3: If the screen shows elongated, and the overflow to the bottom of the screen, put the adjusted scanning: Progressive Scan (Progressive); if the adjustment of the vertical position to a maximum, the image display is still only half of the display, then change scanning mode to: interlaced scan (Interlaced).

Step 4: Adjust the horizontal position, horizontal size, vertical position, and vertical size of the items, adjusted to the satisfaction of the location.

Step 5: input impedance, select the input source impedance than with select 750 in Europe, relatively light, if you choose all 750 European white side, you should choose for the 75 euro.

Step 6: the phase adjustment, if the image appears small waves up and down type jitter, can adjust the consistency with the input signal phase.

Step 7: Save and Exit: Save all the parameters and exit the menu.

Price: $299.99

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