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UB35 LED Backlight Kit- Sunlight Readable up to 1000 nits

MS610UB - LED Driver
MS610UB, our newest LED driver; It is custom design for 12.1 inch or smaller industrial LED screen. MS610UB is small and compact that you can mount it anywhere on the back of LCD by using a double side tape. MS610UB can driver both UB and XB series LED strips.
Dimension: 80mm (3.15") X 20mm (0.79") X 6.60mm (0.26")

UB35 series is a custom design for 10.4 inch and smaller industrial LCD panels where UB54 will not fit. UB35 LED strip can be driven by MS493LEDD, MS456UB and MS610UB LED drivers.
The UB35 advantages are:
LEDs are mounted on aluminum PCB, so, it spread heat faster, last much longer.
It is much brighter then XB because the size of LED on UB35 series.
Cross reference by LCD Screen Size
SizeDescriptionPart NumberPriceDetail
10.1"-10.4Universal LED Kit for single lamp Industrial LCD screenUB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB$92.99Detail
10.4Included a wire adapter for LXM1617-05-42 InverterUB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB+MS534EXT$95.99Detail
10.4Universal LED Kit for dual lamps Industrial LCD screensUB35220LED4215X2+MS610UB$129.99Detail
10.4Included a wire adapter for DMC42939 InverterUB35220LED4215X2+MS610UB+MS534EXT$129.99Detail
10.4"Included a wire adapter for GH025A InverterUB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB+184$95.99Detail
10.4"Included a wire adapter for LXM1623-12-62 InverterUB35220LED4215X2+MS610UB+MS490EXT$129.99Detail
5.7"-6.5"Universal LED Kit for single lamp Industrial LCD screenUB35145LED2815X1+MS610UB$95.99Detail
5.7"-6.5"Universal LED Kit for 2 lamps Industrial LCD screenUB35145LED2815X2+MS610UB$129.99Detail
6.4"-6.5"Universal LED Kit for dual lamps LCD screenUB35160LED3220X2+MS610UB$129.99Detail
7"Included a wire adapter for GH025A InverterUB35160LED3220X1+MS610UB+184$95.99Detail
7"Included a wire adapter for AT-1104-SS7 InverterUB35160LED3220X1+MS610UB+MS547EXT$95.99Detail
7"-8"Universal LED Kit for single lamp ATM LCD screenUB35160LED3220X1+MS610UB$92.99Detail
8.4Universal LED Kit for single lamp Industrial LCD screenUB35185LED3515X1+MS610UB$92.99Detail
8.4Universal LED Kit for dual lamps Industrial LCD screensUB35185LED3515X2+MS610UB$129.99Detail

Cross reference by LCD screen  Recommended
How to Identify The Pin Assignmnnt
How to Mount LED Driver

How to connect MS610UB to the existing inverter wire harness
The easiest way would be add a pices of wire or solder between VIN and ENA on CN1. Then, just simply apply VIN (Red wire, typically 12V DC) and GND (Black) to MS610UB.
Note: VIN=12V to 24V DC.
MS610UB - Pin Out
However, in most of case, you do need to connect ¡°ENA¡± to turn LED backlight On/Off because 12V DC is always present at VIN, even when unit has powered off. 6 pin wires are color coded: Red=VIN, Yellow=ENA, White=ADJ and Black-GND

We do offer a custom design LED kits for industrial panels, we also offer an LED backlight upgrade service, too. Please send your request along with your LCD screen number and quantity to screen number and quantity to
Need help for installation?
 Please click here for the instructions by video

AUO, G104SN03, How to Install LED Bakclight
LG Philips LB104S01, How to Install LED Backlight

CCFL vs UB LED Backlight Kit - See the Difference!
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