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UB Series LED Backlight Kit  - Sunlight Readable

UB LED Backlight Advantage:
  • High Brightness LED backlight up to 1800 nits
  • Improved dynamic contrast ratio up to 1500:1
  • Improved color gamut for more life-like images
  • longer lifespan, typically lasting over 100,000 hours
  • High shock/vibration resistant
  • Low Heat Generation.
  • Environmental Benefits.

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Part NumberUB54285LED7220X2
DescriptionUniversal LED backlight kit for all 14.1" XGA Industrial LCD screens that originally equipped with 2 or 4 CCFL backlight lamps.

Dip Switch Configuration
Caution: Please power down before change settings

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Caution: Please power down before change settings
Part NumberUB*HighDefaultLowUL**
*Ultra Bright, this setting may cause shorter life of LED on some LCD screens due to the heat, especially those LCD screens that have the plastic frame instead of Aluminum or metal frame. However, if you prefer to use this setting, we would recommend that you add an additional aluminum heaksink.

** Ultra Low, this setting consumes much less current while maintaining higher brightness level than CCFL lamp. The life of LED will last much longer, typically 10 times longer than CCFL.

R9 Resistor MUST be remove on some settings that have (R9)
How to connect MS456UB to the existing inverter wire harness
The easiest way would be when JP2 is shorted. Just simply apply VIN (Red wire, typically 12V DC) and GND (Black) to MS456UB.
Note: MS456UB can also accept 24V DC input. Please let us know at the checkout if you have a 24V DC supply.

However, in most of case, you do need to connect “ENA” to turn LED backlight On/Off because 12V DC is always present at VIN, even when unit has powered off. 6 pin wires are color coded: Red=VIN, Yellow=ENA, White=ADJ and Black-GND Recommended

Need help to identify inverter's pin assignment?  Please click here

How to Identify Pin Assignments

How to mount UB Series LED Strips

How to mount MS456UB LED Driver

How to disable 'ENA" on MS456UB

This LED Backlight Kit is compatible with the following LCD Screen:
MakeSizeScreen NumberPart Number
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CCFL vs UB LED Backlight Kit - See the Difference!
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