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SAMSUNG LTN141P4-L02, How to Install LED Backlight

How to Mount MS492LEDD LED Driver
SAMSUNG LTN141P4-L02, one of the most popular LCD screen that are used in Lenvov/IBM and Dell Laptop computers. This 14.1 inch SAMSUNG LTN141P4-L02 (1400X1050) is originally equipped with a single CCFL lamps LCD screen. To extend it life and improving its performance, ungraded to XB Series LED backlight seems to be an only option. 
Part Number: XB80290LED4920+MS492LEDD

The following Instructions are sort by the LCD Panel'makes and Panel Number
To watch an instruction, please click Panel number
To purchase a LED kit, Please click LED Kit Part number

Makes Panel Number Size LED Kit Part Number
Agievision 10.4 CNC monitor 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2
Allen Bradley PanelView 600 5.7" LB40125LED2420X4
Allen Bradley VersaView 1200M 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2+MS442EXT
Allen Bradley VersaView 1500P 15" UB54318LED8020X2+66
Allen Bradley VersaView 1500M 15" UB54318LED8020X2+66
ACER L150X5-M-1 15" UB54318LED8020X2
AUO B084SN02 8.4" UB35185LED3515X1+MS610UB
AUO B104SN01 10.4" UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB
AUO B150GX02 15" UB36320LED80X1
AUO B154EW02 15.4" XB80333LED5420+MS202CN
AUO G084SN03 8.4 UB35185LED3515X1+MS610UB
AUO G084SN05-V3 8.4" UB35185LED3515X2+MS610UB
AUO G104SN03 10.4" UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB
AUO G104SN02 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
AUO G104VN01-V0 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
AUO G121SN01-V0 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
AUO G121SN01-V3 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
AUO G150XG02 15" UB54318LED8020X2
AUO G150XG03 15" UB54318LED8020X2
AUO M150XN07 15" UB54318LED8020X2
AUO M170EG01-V8 17" UB70345LED4221X2
AUO M170EG01-VD 17" UB70345LED4221X2
AUO M170EN05 17" UB70345LED4221X2
AUO M190EG01 19" UB70395LED4821X2
AUO M190EG02 19" UB70395LED4821X2
AUO M190EN02 19" UB70395LED4821X2
AUO M190PW01 19" UB60420LED5020X2
BOE HT190WG3-100 19" UB60420LED5020X2
CHI MEI G104V1-T01 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
CHI MEI G104X1-L01 10.4 UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
CHI MEI N140XC-L02 14.1" XB80290LED4920+MS202CN
CHI MEI M141X101 14.1" UB54318LED8020X2
CHI MEI G150X1-L01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
CHI MEI M150X2-T05 15" UB54318LED8020X2
CHI MEI M180E1-L02 18.1" UB100370LED4530X2
CHI MEI M190A1-L07 19" UB60420LED5020X2
CHI MEI M190E5-L0E 19" UB70395LED4821X2
CHI Mei V216B1-L01 21.6" UB60485LED5620X2
CHUNGHWA CLAA101NB01A 10.1" UB35220LED4215X1+MS456UB
CHUNGHWA CLAA150XG01F 15" UB36318LED6420X2
CHUNGHWA CLAA150XP01 15" UB36318LED6420X2
CHUNGHWA CLAA150XP01P 15" UB36318LED6420X2
CHUNGHWA CLAA150XP03F 15" UB54318LED8020X2
CHUNGHWA CLAA150XG09F 15" UB54318LED8020X2
CHUNGHWA CLAA170EA07 17" UB70345LED4221X2
Elo Touch ET1215L-7CWA-1-G 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2+MS442EXT
Elo Touch ET1515L 15" UB54318LED8020X2+235
ELO Touch ET1525L 15" UB36318LED6420X2+NW
ELO Touch ET1527L-8SWC-1 15" UB36318LED6420X2+NW
ELO Touch ET1529L 15" UB54318LED8020X2+235
ELO Touch ET1537L 15" UB54318LED8020X2+235
ELO Touch ET1545L 15" UB54318LED8020X2+235
ELO Touch ET1546L 15" UB54318LED8020X2+MS528EXT
ELO Touch ET1547L 15" UB54318LED8020X2+235
ELO Touch ET1725L-0NWH-1-RPHI-G 17" UB70345LED4221X2+30
ELO Touch ET1739L 17" UB70345LED4221X2+30
ELO Touch ET1900L 19" UB60420LED5020X2
ELO Touch ET1925L 19" UB70395LED4821X2+MS528EXT
ELO Touch ET1928L 19" UB70395LED4821X2+30
ELO Touch ET1939L 19" UB70395LED4821X2+30
ELO Touch ET1935L 19" UB70395LED4821X2+30
ELO Touch ET1947L 19" UB70395LED4821X2+85
ELO Touch ET2239L 22" UB60485LED5620X2+30+MS540EXT
FANUC A61L-0001-0138 9.4" LB40222LED42X1+MS511EXT
FUJITSU FLC38XGC6V-06 15" UB54318LED8020X2
HANNSTAR HSD150MX12 15" UB54318LED8020X1
HANNSTAR HSD170ME13 17" UB70345LED4221X2
HANNSTAR HSD190ME13 19" UB70395LED4821X2
HANNSTAR HSD190MEN3 19" UB70395LED4821X2
HITACHI TX41D56VC1CAA 16.1" XB80333LED5420
Hydis HM15X11-200 15" UB54318LED8020X2
Hydis HT15X15-D01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
HYUNDAI HM15X13-A01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
HYUNDAI HT17E11-300 17" UB70345LED4221X2
ID TECH N121X5-L06 12.1" XB80250LED4220+MS492LEDD
INNOLUX MT170EN01 17" UB70345LED4221X2
IVO M101NWT2 10.1" UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB
KYOCERA KHS072VG1AB-G01 7.2" UB35160LED3220X1+MS610UB
KYOCERA KCT121SV2AA-A03 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
LG PHILIPS LB104S01 10.4 UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB
LG PHILIPS LP104V2 10.4" UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB
LG PHILIPS LB104V03-TD01 10.4" UB35220LED4215X2+MS610UB
LG PHILIPS LB121S02-A2 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
LG PHILIPS LB121S1-A2 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
LG PHILIPS LB150X02-TLB1 15" UB54318LED8020X2
LG PHILIPS LC150X01-SL01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
LG PHILIPS LC171W03-C4 17.1" UB70395LED4821X2
LG PHILIPS LM150X08-TLB1 15" UB54318LED8020X2
LG PHILIPS LM151X2 15.1" UB54318LED8020X2
LG PHILIPS LM170E01 17 UB70345LED4221X2
LG PHILIPS LM180E06-A4M1 18.1 UB100370LED4530X2
LG PHILIPS LM190E02-B4 19" UB70395LED4821X2
LG PHILIPS LM190E03-TLB2 19" UB70395LED4821X2
LG PHILIPS LM190E03-TLB4 19" UB70395LED4821X2
LG PHILIPS LM190E08-TTL3 19" UB70395LED4821x2
LG PHILIPS LM190WX1-TTL1 19" UB60420LED5020X2
MITSUBISHI AA084VC01 8.4" UB35185LED3515X2+MS610UB
MITSUBISHI AA084VC03 8.4" UB35185LED3515X2+MS610UB
MITSUBISHI AA104SG04 10.4" UB35220LED4215X2+MS610UB
MITSUBISHI AA121SL01 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
MITSUBISHI AA121XH03 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
MITSUBISHI AA150XC01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
MITSUBISHI AA150XN04 15" UB54318LED8020X2+30+MS530EXT
NEC NL6448AC20-06 6.5" UB35160LED3220X2+MS610UB
NEC NL6448BC20-08 6.5" UB35160LED3220X2+MS610UB
NEC NL8060BC21-03 8.4" UB54192LED4820X1+MS610UB
NEC NL6448AC30-09 9.4" LB40222LED42X2+MS511EXT
NEC NL6448AC30-10 9.4" LB40222LED42X1+MS511EXT
NEC NL6448AC33-18 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
NEC NL6448AC33-29 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
NEC NL6448BC33-46 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
NEC NL6448BC33-54 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
NEC NL8060BC26-17 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
NEC NL10276BC20-04 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
NEC NL8060BC31-27 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
NEC NL8060BC31-28D 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
NEC NL10276AC30-09 15" UB54318LED8020X2
NEC NL10276BC30-33D 15" UB54318LED8020X2
OPTREX T-51638D084-FW-A-AA 8.4 UB35185LED3515X2+MS456UB
PLANAR PT1710MX-BK 17" UB70345LED4221X2+30
PLANAR PT1910MX-BK 19" UB70395LED4821X2+30
PRIME VIEW PD064VT4 6.4" UB54160LED4020X2+MS610UB
PRIME VIEW PD104SL3 10.4" UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB
SAMSUNG LTE700WQ-F05 7" UB35160LED3220X1+MS610UB+MS547EXT
SAMSUNG LTA104S1-L01 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
SAMSUNG LTN140W2-L02 14" XB80308LED5415+MS202CN
SAMSUNG LTN141P4-L02 14.1" XB80290LED4920+MS492LEDD
SAMSUNG LTA150XH-L06 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SAMSUNG LTM150XH-L01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SAMSUNG LTM150XI-A01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SAMSUNG LTM150XO-L01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SAMSUNG LTM150XS-T01 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SAMSUNG LTM150XS-T02 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SAMSUNG LTN154U1-L03 15.4" XB80333LED5420+MS202CN
SAMSUNG LTN154X3-L01 15.4" XB80333LED5420+MS202CN
SAMSUNG LTM170E4-L01 17" UB70345LED4221X2
SAMSUNG LTM170E5-L03 17" UB70345LED4221X2
SAMSUNG LTM170E6-L04 17" UB70345LED4221X2
SAMSUNG LTM170E8-L02 17" UB70345LED4221X2
SAMSUNG LTM170EI-A01 17" LB40355LED4225X2+MS599EXT
SAMSUNG LTM170EU-L01 17" UB70345LED4221X2
SAMSUNG LTM170EU-L11 17" UB70345LED4221X2
SAMSUNG LTM170EU-L21 17" UB70345LED4221X2
SAMSUNG LTM190EX-L01 19" UB70395LED4821X2
SAMSUNG LTM190EX-L21 19" UB70395LED4821X2
SAMSUNG LTM190EX-L31 19" UB70395LED4821X2
SAMSUNG LTM190BT03 19" UB60420LED5020X2
SAMSUNG LTM190M2-L31 19" UB60420LED5020X2
SAMSUNG LTM220M1-L01 22" UB60485LED5620X2
SAMSUNG LTM220MT05 22" UB60485LED5620X2
SANYO NRL75-8809A-114 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB
SHARP LM32P0731 5.7" LB4095LED1820X1
SHARP LQ084S3DG01 8.4" UB54192LED4820X1+MS610UB
SHARP LQ084V1DG22 8.4" UB35185LED3515X1+MS610UB
SHARP LQ10D341 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB
SHARP LQ10D363 10.4" UB35220LED4215X1+MS610UB
SHARP LQ10D367 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
SHARP LQ10D41 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB
SHARP LQ10D42 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB
SHARP LQ10D421 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB
SHARP LM10V332 10.4" UB36240LED6020X1
SHARP LQ104V1DG11 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB+235
SHARP LQ104V1DG21 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB+235
SHARP LQ104V1DG52 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
SHARP LQ104V1DG72 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
SHARP LQ104V1LG92 10.4" UB54220LED5620X1+MS610UB
SHARP LQ104V7DS01 10.4" UB70250LED3021X2
SHARP LQ12S41 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
SHARP LQ121S1DG11 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
SHARP LQ121S1DG41 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
SHARP LQ121S1LG41 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
SHARP LQ121S1LG45 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
SHARP LQ121S1LG55 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
SHARP LQ121S1LG51 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1
SHARP LQ150X1DG16 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SHARP LQ150X1LCD3 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SHARP LQ150X1LG71 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SHARP LQ150X1LGB1 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SHARP LQ150X1LGN2A 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SHARP LQ150X1LW71N 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SHARP LQ150U1LW03 15" XB80308LED5415+MS202CN
SHARP LQ150X1WM21 15" UB54318LED8020X2
SHARP LQ170E1LG11 17" UB70345LED4221X2
SHARP LQ190E1LW01 19" UB70395LED4821X2
SVA SVA170SX01TB 17' UB70345LED4221x2
TOSHIBA LTM08C351 8.4" UB54192LED4820X1+MS610UB
TOSHIBA LTM10C209A 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB
TOSHIBA LTM10C273 10.4" UB54220LED5620X2+MS610UB
TOSHIBA LTA121C250F 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1+MS518EXT
TOSHIBA LTA121D253F 12.1" UB54255LED6420X1+MS518EXT
TOSHIBA LTM12C275C 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
TOSHIBA LTD121C33S 12.1 UB54255LED6420X1
TOSHIBA LTD121KM1K 12.1 XB80250LED4220+MS202CN
TOSHIBA LTD121KM2M 12.1" XB80250LED4220+MS202CN
TOSHIBA LTM12C285 12.1" UB54255LED6420X2
TOSHIBA LTM15C458M 15" UB54318LED8020X2
TORISAN MXS121022010 12.1" XB80250LED4220+MS202CN
TORISAN TM121SV-02L01 12.1 XB80250LED4220+397
TORISAN TM121SV-02L07 12.1" XB80250LED4220+MS202CN
TORISAN TM121SV-22L11A 12.1" UB36278LED7020X2
TORISAN TM150XG-22L03C 15" UB54318LED8020X2
TORISAN TM150XG-26L10H 15" UB54318LED8020X2
TORISAN TM190SX-70N01 19" UB70395LED4821X2

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